Why don’t you want to meet up with me ?

I really hate to hurt people’s feelings.. I do.... But.

I find it hard when people ask about every quistion I already explained in my profile, I actually made a lot of effort to tell exactly what I offer.

I really appreciate that you take 2 minutes and read about me, also for your expectations. 

Im not saying you can not ask questions, I like us to be clear about our date.

My rates are not cheep, I like to meet business men/ intelligent men, so I’m confused when you write “How R U..,,,. You really write that way to yur business clients?

Also the start message “hi babe” I didn’t know I was your babe yet..!! 

Please write me the way you would do any girl you would like to date, I AM your date, I love to meet you and we don’t feel like there is $ involved.

I like to be EXCITED when we meet, and not worried if we can communicate.

Thanks for taking the time reading this ❤️