Gifts are not expected,


but are appreciated.



One of the qualities that I love is generosity and nothing makes me feel more excited towards our meeting than receiving a special and thoughtful gift! From sexy lingerie to candles to candy, the special thought and effort is much appreciated, loved, and will be rewarded! ❤️




- Chanel coco mademoiselle Eau De Parfumerie spray.


Makeup 💄 

- Chanel volume mascara (black)


If you are German or Scandinavian. 


I love to travel, but I do miss food from home. It’s a treat to have it brought here.


- Liquorice, it comes in all shapes and forms and it’s just delicious, my favorites :

Haribo matador mix, Haribo click mix, Haribo piratos,  Haribo matador dark mix, yellow or blu Gajol actually any Liquorice will melt my heart. 


Amazon gift card. 


Freedom to pick what ever I want, it might be hard to pick, maybe some lingerie. 


Massage gift card. 


I love to be spoiled and just relax, one hour massage would send me to heaven.



- Black stockings (Agent Provocateur, Wolford, or equivalent) str L. 

- Bra size 85C. (USA 38C)

- Panties size 44 (USA 8)



Helping others are so satisfying.


If we all did a good deed a day, this world would be so much better. 

Make a donation and dedicate it to me, mail me the receipt. Who is better to help than mans best friend.


Send me a picture of your donation.


- Hongkongdogrescue.com